Agfa Apogee

Agfa Apogee WorkflowProductivity and quality can never be too high in the printing business. Stay ahead of your competition with Apogee Prepress. 


Keeping an overview of your PDF files with Apogee Preflight? Letting intelligent software calculate the ideal imposition with Apogee Impose? Or saving on ink costs with Apogee InkSave? Choose without losing, with Apogee Prepress. It comprises the advanced Agfa software mentioned above and much more. The latest version offers you enhanced connectivity, controlled automation and remarkable user-friendliness overall.

With Apogee Prepress you control every phase of the prepress process from a single user interface. Even jobs that consist of multiple parts are processed in one flow, thanks to the Multi Part Job feature. 

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced connectivity with both applications and devices
  • Impressive workflow efficiency by controlled automation
  • Compatibility with the latest formats and software programs
  • Support for 13 languages, with an easy switch option
  • Combination of high-quality Apogee solutions such as Preflight, Impose and InkSave


Latest Technologies

Apogee Prepress is the latest prepress workflow solution from Agfa. First, this means that it fully supports the most recent Adobe PDF Print Engine version — your reliable guarantee for high-quality rendering. Second, it uses the intelligent Grey Component Replacement method to save on ink. And, of course, it is compatible with the latest formats and applications, such as Adobe Normalizer, Acrobat plug-ins, Adobe Creative Suite and QuarkXPress.

Centralization and Automation

Apogee Prepress enables you to keep track of all the required steps in the prepress process, from one seat. The Multi Part Job feature helps you manage different parts of a job (cover and body, for example) with one ticket. The extended JDF and JMF support also improves the connection between software and devices and thus the communication with the user. This makes job tracking and cost calculations easier than ever before.

Even More Ease of Use

The entire software communication is available in French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Operators can easily switch between languages. And there’s more: colour-managed soft proofing enables you to look at the real colours on-screen. In the Pages tab you can find all up-to-date information, and versioning happens so intuitively that it significantly reduces operating time and the risk of errors.

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