Agfa Avalon N4 CtP

Agfa Avalon N4 CtPThe Avalon N4 thermal CtP system gives you the automation and imaging capabilities of larger devices in a compact format. It handles plates up to 830 x 660 mm, and now with Screen's 64-channel laser technology can throughput 30 plates per hour coupled with a fully automatic plate loading capacity of 300 plates.

The resulting changes in the laser beam have improved the balance of vertical and horizontal lines, enabling sharper reproduction of halftone dots. This has led to a major increase in overall print quality.


Agfa's Avalon N4 brings today’s commercial and packaging printers the high-quality digital plates they need to stay competitive. Whether you require the highly productive Avalon N4-30 XT, Avalon N4-30 S or the cost-effective Avalon N4-14 E, you are assured of a winning combination of exceptional imaging and rock-solid reliability.

You can upgrade any time from the E model to the S model. Its streamlined operation and uncompromising image quality will allow you to handle more of even the most demanding jobs, with more profit.

  • High-quality thermal platesetting
  • Fast task implementation
  • Automatic plate loading
  • Few remakes
  • Upgradable any time from the E model to the S model

Fast Job Turnaround

Even with a manual configuration, the Avalon N4 separates loading and unloading bays, so that one printing plate can be staged while another one is being imaged – boosting productivity.

Precise Dot Reproduction

Avalon N4's accurate thermal imaging system is designed to consistently reproduce the finest dots on plate, which results in highly detailed results on press.

Automatic Inline Punching

An integrated inline punching system inside the Avalon N4 enables imaged plates to go directly to press, eliminating a prepress step.

Chemistry-free Plate Compatibility

The Avalon N4 is compatible with the Azura TS chemistry-free plates. They provide a more efficient alternative to traditional thermal plates. The Azura TS completely eliminates hazardous chemicals for more consistent imaging and also reduces the number of production steps, helping to streamline your workflow.

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