Agfa Avalon N8 CtP

Agfa Avalon N8 CtPAvalon N8 is a range of thermal B1-size platesetters. The upgradable series achieves a throughput level up to 65 plates per hour, with a maximum plate size of 1165 x 950 mm.


Avalon N8 is a complete range of B1-size platesetters. Start off with one of the eight models, and upgrade as your business prospers. Plate productivity is linked to the laser technology of the imaging heads. The fastest model uses high-tech Grating Light Valve (GLV) technology with 1024 beams, resulting in a top speed of 65 plates per hour.

On top of that, a variety of automated functions adds to your overall productivity and profitability. This allows you to customize your computer-to-print solution according to your unique needs.

  • Reliable platesetting
  • Exceptional registration accuracy
  • High-quality imaging
  • Advanced automation

Unmatched Plate Productivity

The Avalon N8-60 and Avalon N8-80 models apply state-of-the-art GLV imaging head technology, using 512 and 1024 beams to deliver between 32 and 65 B1 plates per hour in a fully automated CtP configuration.

These precision imaging heads produce exceptional tonal accuracy and uniformity from corner to corner, plate to plate and job to job.

External Drum Design

The Avalon N8 series features an external drum design. An automated lightweight clamping and vacuum system secures plates to the drum. 

Internal Punching

The Avalon N8 internal punching system punches for the on-press registration immediately before mounting the plate on the drum. Internal punching improves register on press and reduces make ready times. Because the punching is done while another plate is being imaged, there is no loss of plate throughput.

By adding optional press punch blocks, imaged plates can be loaded straight onto presses with different punching, eliminating further manual steps and dramatically increasing make ready efficiency.

Perfect Upgradability

The Avalon N8 can be upgraded to meet your expanding production requirements. Using the same base engine, you can upgrade from an entry-level manual machine to a high-productivity, fully automated model by simply replacing certain key parts on the job.

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