Agfa Azura TE


For printers with lower plate consumption looking for simplicity of operation as well as environmental benefits

Azura is easy on the environment and on your wallet. It lets you benefit from one of the simplest, most reliable and predictable CtP technologies ever created. Elimination of chemical process variables (developer, replenisher and rinse water) reduces waste and the disposal costs associated with it.

  • Chemistry-free direct-on-press thermal printing plate for sheet-fed commercial applications
  • Image off-press, clean on-press
  • Run lengths up to 75.000 copies
  • Environmentally-friendly operations… at the lowest cost
  • Outstanding image contrast on plate for easy visual inspection
  • Excellent daylight handling
  • Crisp image quality
  • Fast make-ready

Based on patented ThermoFuse technology:

All Azura plates are based on Agfa Graphics' award-winning ThermoFuse technology, a purely physical imaging technology that guarantees simplicity and convenience under the widest range of conditions. Upon thermal laser exposure, the latex pearls in the single-layer water-based coating of the printing plate fuse to form a solid ink-accepting image, which is then bond to the substrate by a purely physical process. In the case of Azura TE, the plates can be directly mounted on press after imaging.

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