Fuji Superia PRO-V

Fuji Brillia HD ProV CtP PlateA violet low chemistry CTP plate designed for medium to long-run commercial print applications that can be used with UV inks unbaked, and is suitable for high quality 20μm FM screening applications.

Fuji Superia PRO-V at a glance:

  • When used with our ‘lo-chem’ finishing units, no chemical replenisher is required meaning chemistry consumption is considerably reduced
  • Lower water use and minimal waste
  • Rated at 1-99% resolution (when used with a Luxel ‘HD’ capable platesetter), Superia PRO-V brings unmatched quality, consistency and
  • The elimination of chemical replenishment and the unique formulation of the developer result in a much cleaner bath which equates to a simpler maintenance regime and easier cleaning

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