Ink Mixing


Ink MixingFrom our laboratory in Newton Aycliffe we can deliver same day ink mixes to our customers. Our highly skilled ink-mixing department guarantees only the most accurate matches on a wide variety of substrates for any application.

We use the latest blending schemes from Hubergroup for blending spot, special or bespoke colours. We can provide any manner of special resistance or intensities you may require, for example improved light fastness, hard dry, wax free or laserable inks. Furthermore we can produce specialist low odour or low migration ink mixes for the packaging industry.

Send us a colour sample and we'll match it and provide a proof for your approval that day. After your match is completed, your custom-matched colour becomes a permanent part of our customer database. It is assigned a formula number so if and when you need more ink mixing in the future, your order can be completed immediately.

Our technical expertise is always on hand to advise you on your ink requirements and if you need another pair of hands our technician will work with you on site.