Morgana Bookletmakers for Newcastle, Washington, Sunderland, Durham, Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Darlington, Wetherby, Harrogate, York and Scarborough

Morgana Bookletmakers

Inkland are Morgana's North East dealer, offering a range of Bookletmakers including the DocuMaster Pro which is JDF ready and can handle variable data books.

Morgana Documaster ProMorgana Documaster Pro the DocuMaster Pro has the same SmartScreen module as used by the whole range of Morgana Pro machines and also benefits from the new PosiFeedfeeding system making an already impressive feeder, awesome. Simplicity of operation is key to finishing digitally printed work because run lengths are often short and variable data is becoming increasingly popular. DocuMaster Pro is the Multi-tasking champion. Use it as a booklet maker, a creaser or a perforator, to produce 4pp brochures on heavy card stock or to give the perfect bound appearance to pre-produced booklets. The DocuMaster Pro will happily do them all.

Morgana 104 Squarefold

Morgana 104 Squarefold the revolutionary Morgana 104 Squarefold applies a squarefold finish to your booklets, to achieve the look and feel of perfect bound books. Morgana Squarefold 104 adds increased value to your booklets by giving them a professional, perfect bound look with the security of a stapled finish.