Studio RIP

Studio RIPStudioRIP is the most competitively priced RIP and workflow on the market today, known for its outstanding screening quality , user friendly interface, high speed and a vast array of other features. Another key point is StudioRIP's flexibility: it can be configured around the customers' needs, with the optional inclusion of all available features. In addition Studio RIP has continuous product development where there is a requirement for new features to be incorporated into its software.


Instead of a set of – more or less compatible – licenced modules for various technologies, StudioRIP uses its own technologies, developed specifically for the needed tasks. As well as allowing us to to offer a more competitive price than our competition, this also means that these modules are well integrated and fast, delivering high quality.

StudioRIP has a proprietary screening module, offering hybrid AM and second order FM screening with a wide range of adjustable parameters (including flexo optimized features). Its trapping module is Adobe Compliant and delivers reliability and high quality on a good speed. The three types of proofing satisfies the needs of all customers and is ISO Fogra approved. Contone proofing is very accurate (typical average ΔE = 0.7), quick and easy to set up; halftone proofing imitates the look and feel of the halftoned output with similar accuracy; raster proofing guarantees dot for dot halftone reproduction on a decent accuracy. Printing on film or plates with Epson printers are enhanced by our proprietary Epson driver, offering banding free and sharp output on the needed density. StudioRIP’s post-RIP imposition system guarantees data integrity and pixel level control. The flexible architecture allows system administrators to distribute the StudioRIP system over the network (the operators controlling the system, the multiple output devices and the server can be in different parts of the building or of the world). Finally, many output devices are driven through Studio RIPS's own driver modules.

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