X-rite Spectrophotometers

X-rite Spectrophotometers939 0°/45° Portable SpectroDensitometer

The 939 handheld spectrodensitometer is the ultimate 0°/45° and has the best accuracy and inter-instrument agreement.

Product Features:

  • For multi-press or multi-plant installations
  • Interfaces with X-RiteColor Master software and is used connected to a PC or stand alone by downloading critical color reference data
  • Evaluate color measurements against your standards and tolerances, indicating pass or fail status of each measurement with the large display and colored LED
  • On-board storage holds thousands of color reference standards and measurements from press sheets, proofs and other color samples

530 SpectroDensitometer

The 530 offers full spectral data, colorimetry or densitometry, all from a single, rugged instrument.

Product Features:

  • With optional microspot, this hand-held measures color targets as narrow as 1.6mm while most spectrophotometers measure a 4.0mm spot size
  • Provides precise color and paper analysis on a large graphic display
  • Has all 500-Series functions, including density, dot area, trap, print contrast, hue error grayness, color, match, paper functions and compare
  • Connect with X-RiteColor Master software (optional) to keep record of color measurements or generate accurate formulas for special ink colors
  • Security features lock preferences including the enabled features, color and density references, and calibration procedure


SpectroEye combines the ultimate in measurement accuracy with exceptional ergonomics and user-friendliness. This handheld, portable spectrophotometer offers all the colorimetric functions needed to accurately measure and control special colors, along with all the densitometric functions needed to quickly and easily monitor and control color on-press.

Product Features:

  • With the internal high spectral resolution of 3.3nm, SpectroEye detects even the smallest color deviations.
  • SpectroEye is equipped with a ring illumination, so that the positioning direction of the spectrophotometer is not critical. This is very crucial in measuring on uncoated substrates. To ensure optimum measurement accuracy at all times, a white reference tile is integrated, allowing automatic calibration without user intervention.

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