Fuji Platerite 8600 CtP

Fuji PlateRite 8600 CtPMid range B1+ external drum thermal platesetter available in a number of versions, capable of producing up to 23 (PlateRite 8600NHS) B1 press-ready plates per hour in manual, semi automatic or fully automatic configurations.


Compatible with most B1 and B2 press formats with a maximum plate size of 1160mm x 940mm:

With a maximum plate size of 1160 mm x 940 mm x 0.3 mm, the PlateRite 8600 is compatible with most B1 and B2 presses. In addition, as standard the smallest size of 304 mm x 370 mm x 0.15 mm further extends the systems flexibility (other plate size & gauge options are also available). Integrated punching enables the production of press-ready plates for most commercial sheetfed presses. Custom punches are available, as is a range of offline transfer punches to meet all formats.

System configuration offers flexibility that can be tailored to meet your production requirements

Three configurations exist with the PlateRite 8600. In its most basic form (PlateRite 8600N), the platesetter will stand alone requiring both manual load and unload. A low cost upgrade can provide automatic unloading to either an online processor or plate stacker, giving a reduction in manual intervention. If full automation is required, the 100 plate single cassette autoloader (one plate size at any time) will significantly improve workflow efficiencies enabling unattended operation for an entire shift. Should your business dictate that several plate sizes are to be available at any one time, then the multi-cassette autoloader will meet your needs. With 5 cassettes online (5 x 100 plates), the system can automatically select from up to five plate sizes.

No safelight requirements mean the machine is easy to use, service and maintain

Used in conjunction with Fujifilm's thermal plates, you can confidently work in daylight for extended periods. Benefiting from up to 64 independent laser diodes, production is maintained should one of the diodes fail. Replacement of the defective diode is a quick task for the trained engineer, unlike some other thermal systems where the complete imaging head could require replacement.

High quality and productive plate making when used with Fujifilm Brillia thermal CTP plates

The PlateRite 8600 achieves optimal performance when used with Brillia thermal CTP plates including Brillia HD PRO-T. The high sensitivity of the plates allows the platesetter to image at its fastest speed of 1000rpm.

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